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Some words about us

Homezim.com (Private) Limited is an online services provider that seeks to enhance its clients brand equity and offer exceptional service delivery to its users; through our various electronic, marketing and branding exploits.
Our main thrust apart from the above is to ensure that we take our local business community to limitless geographic boundaries to transact globally via our platforms to be truly proudly Zimbabwean.

  • Mission - To be Avant-garde
  • Vision -To establish ourselves as a dominant leader in the electronic services industry by 2020

Take a look at our services

We pride ourselves in creating online interactive portals that seek to enhance and
influence the way we live and transact daily (financially and socially). Apart from this
we offer services that will establish your brand presence both online and offline, as
we will provide the necessary solutions that your company can take full advantage of
to be a market leader.

Web & Email hosting

homezimHOST- web hosting services


homeziMARKET and homeRETAIL - online transactions

Web dvelopment & ICT Support services

Web Development and Technical Support services


Marketing and Branding services

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Home Office: 8 Beacon Road Hatfield Harare.
Tel: +263 844067119
Mobile: +26773405791, +263772311505
Email: info@homezim.com.
Websites: www.homezim.com, www.homezimglobal.com


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